Thursday, April 2, 2009

Public School Teachers

Q' 100 days of school project. 100 Marshmellows made into a bridge.

And now let us take a moment to thank God for our public school teachers. This year is Q's first year in public school. Kindergarten. It's big. Especially if you are an only child and you like being the teacher's pet. This is not so hard when there are 10 kids in the class but when there are 23...

Tonight we went to the open house at the school. I cannot possibly describe the intense feeling of learning and love and dedication I feel when I am in his school. His teacher is strict and goofy. She demands great things but keeps M&M's in his classroom because as she says "some problems only chocolate solves." She keeps them laughing and striving. Their drawings are intensely wonderful. When I was in class one day she was reading a story and she asked them to pay attention to the ending. It ended ambiguously she told them and then asked them why the author might have left them hanging like that. The children were thinking, thinking, thinking. This is kindergarten? She has 23 children and I don't know about her class but I understand half the school is below poverty level. It's a tough class. Tough in the huge differences in the children's needs. And she's brilliant with them. I don't mean she's perfect but she is brilliant. I had the privilage to volunteer in her class a couple of days when I was out of work and it was amazing to see. Independence and responsibility. Those were the words that she said we should concentrate on last summer and man does she teach that.

It's not a glamorous school but there is art and the children's work up everywhere. Tonight I got to see the library which was renovated this fall and only opened a month ago. Beautiful! The librarian came up to me and said what a joy Q was and asked what his favorite subjects were. He's reading well and he is leading the other children over into areas that are above their level. She's going to pull a bunch of books for him so he can have something on his level in their section. Dedication. Caring. Respect. The parents are involved, the principle is extraordinary. Why does it work? What is the magic? Why can't we make this happen everywhere? It's not money alone because this is not a rich school by any means. I don't know but I wish I did. Every child deserves to go to school like this. To think we thought we would keep him in private school until middle school. What he would have missed.

But for now anyway, a big big thank you to all you public school teachers out there. Thank you. You truly have the most important job in this country. We are blessed to have you.

And to Mrs. Giovatto. Words are not enough. We are so lucky to have Q in your class.


Christine said...

It is so great to hear about a parent who loves her kid's school. I love that their artwork and other work are hanging all over the place. Makes for such a rich feeling. Once that good groove gets going in a school, it really affects everyone's feelings. It's infectious. Kudos to your positive and infectious school. Love the pic of the 100 day project.


Adoption Cubed said...

I am so glad Q is having a good year in Kindergarten. It is an important year for kiddos - the beginning of many years in school. You do want it to be a good, enjoyable learining experience. Looks like Q is having that.

I remember the 100 days of school projects! They are so fun. Samuel thought he was the coolest just being able to count out 100 things!

Hooray for the Mrs. Giovatto's and the Mrs. Todd's for loving the students and for teaching their students.

Bridget said...

Wow. This is so....nice. I teach Kindergarten in Colorado and it's so nice when you hear such kind words. Your son's teacher sounds wonderful and kind. I'm so glad he (and you!) are having such a good experience. I can only hope my students and the parents of my students are saying something similar! :) It's an insane and crazy job and I wouldn't do any other thing in the world.

courtney rose said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story about Q's teacher! Speaking as a teacher myself- please print this post and give it to her. She will cherish it!

Single PAP said...

i teach K in maryland and thank YOU for such a nice post!

Dana said...

Thanks for the shoutout to the great teachers out there!!! Q's teacher sounds awesome and magical, like what all Kindegarten teachers should be! I hope that my Kindergarteners and their parents say the same nice things about me!
Dana, Kindergarten Teacher