Saturday, May 9, 2009

smiles, tears and ridikilis music

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


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Monday, May 4, 2009

what we ask

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one day in may

we ask our children to work so hard
to be brave beyond words
we imagine that childhood is carefree
at the same moment that we ask them to master skills
that are new, seemingly impossible and more complicated than anything we would lightly take on
we ask that they learn to read, look at symbols and attach unique sounds to each symbol
except that the sounds are not unique but change depending on the symbol directly behind or in front of or even several symbols away
when was the last time you learned a new lanquage
we ask our children to learn to swim
it's a necessity swimming
it is statistically more dangerous to have a swimming pool in your backyard than a gun in your house
so swimming lessons
we ask our children to trust that they will float
we let go
we ask them to hold their breath
and stick their face in water
and trust us
it makes no sense to put your face in water
submerge your body under water
and yet we ask them to jump on in come on go ahead why do you hesitate don't worry trust
and yet when was the last time you learned a new skill
or sport
or excercise
when did you last challenge yourself to accomplish something at least half as difficult as what we ask our five year olds
we ask
our children
we should not forget to ask ourselves
what would it mean to our children if they saw us try something new, struggle at the beginning, stick with it and then eventually master it
how much greater the lesson
this month - in honor of mother's day
i'm challenging myself to learn something new
teach by example rather than words
to do something that scares me
to start something difficult
and to stick with it
being a mother for me is not about what I say but about how i live
i sometimes forget that
this month i will concentrate
be mindful
of all the ways that i am
do my actions truly and fully reflect my values
this month
i will concentrate on myself as myself
rather than mother
and hopefully
be a better mother
for the effort