Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creating Success

This is taken from the A Childs Waiting website:

Adoptive families that are working towards or currently possess the following characteristics are more likely to have a successful adoption experience.
Families with emotional support from their family and friends.
Families who did not care what the “Jones” think.
Membership in an adoption support group (families share common problems which normalizes their own family transitional problems)
Family engages in family leisure activities as a whole throughout the week
Involvement in a religious practice
Lower to middle income, high school or two or less years of college education
Children who have been able to maintain past relationships in their new placements
Adoptive Families who remain active within their adoption agency
Children who have been able to have closure with past caregivers
Families with some child care or parenting experiences
Families who continue to education themselves about adoption issues as well as any special needs of the child
Families with a strong marriage or partnership
Families that are more empathic towards a child and the past issues that they have had to face rather than blaming them for the family problems
Adoptive families who put the needs of the child before their own-ALWAYS
Easy assess to post-adoption services
Resolved infertility issues
Women who do not need to feel “appreciated” everyday and do not take child rejection or behavioral concerns personally

Friday, May 23, 2008

Application Day

Q and I went to the post office and mailed the application. We have begun. Most likely our youngest child has already been born. They are there and they may be fine, right now and they may not be. I know that they are loved. I know it. I know I love them. Their soul. I feel it. I know too that their (the little boy or girl) parents, aunts, uncles, cousins love them too. I feel that too! It's mostly what I am right now - this feeling. Just that - this love, felt, far-away.