Monday, March 30, 2009

Being Here

On a sunny summer weekend last year Q and I walked down main street and discovered an art fair going on right in the little lot that you can see here at the bottom left of the photo above. We walked through small booths of handmade crafts.

Back deep into the lot a booth caught our eyes and we met artist Audrey Chibbaro the lovely woman in the photo below.

Audrey had moved to our town a couple of years ago. Q was fascinated by a small ceramic and fabric pincushion that Audrey had made. He wanted it so badly that he spent his own money to purchase it. Audrey spoke with him at length about ceramics and he explained how much he loved clay and making a pinch pot in school the year before. As we stood talking to her another piece of hers caught our eye. A small angel with feather wings that reminded us of our Auntie G, my wonderful, magical sister-in-law, and we bought it for her for Christmas.

Here is another angel of Audrey's very similar in feel to the small one we purchased.
Audrey was so sweet with Q and took his comments so seriously I asked about art classes and she said she had students and loved teaching and would love to have Q come to her house. I told her we would get in touch in the winter after he had adjusted to kindergarten well.

Last Friday, I finally pulled out her business card hoping to call her over the weekend and talk about art classes for the summer when school was out. Then on Sunday, I stopped for a moment in a cafe and saw the angel shown above on a post card for an exhibit of Audrey's work and there on post card I read that the show was in memory of her. Audrey died of bone cancer in December. I don't know if I can express the depth of my sadness at her passing. Audrey was 45 years old. The world needs Audrey. She made the place better.

It's quick. This life. And you just don't know. Not ever. I am glad I met her for that very brief moment. I am very happy that we have a small remembrance so lovingly made. Whenever I see that funny little pincushion I will remember to stop for a moment and pay attention. Stop and look, listen, taste, feel the day. It's a gift to have such a reminder.

Be present.



Evelyn said...

Oh, no! I thought I was going to read of Q's art class with Audrey. Feel the day, indeed! I know I miss so much waiting for the future. One of the things I love about your blog is the sense I get of THE PRESENT. You seem to pay such good attention, to notice the details, to capture the light (have I mentioned how wonderful I think your pictures are? So many of them play with light so beautifully!).

Thanks for the reminder ... Be present. Live.

Julie said...

Thanks Kristine. I am sorry to hear about this loss. So sorry. It is not easy to be present, it is easier to distract one's self. I continue to try. I feel so sad about this woman I never met.

Christine said...

It's so good that you posted about her because her good ways are continuing on. I love the little angel, it's beautiful.

It is hard to be present, so true.


courtney rose said...

Thank you for sharing this. I needed a reminder to stop and look around. Her leaving this world is indeed a loss....

Adoption Cubed said...

It is truly a gift to be remembered for how you touched someone's life, the beauty that you created, for a lesson taught. Audrey is remembered. Audrey was a gift. Thank you for sharing Audrey with us. I am glad you took a moment to remind us all to truly live.