Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day in Photos: For Evelyn

March 17, 2009

Alarm is not set.  Q has off of school (Superintendent's Day: Hmmm.  Superintendent is perhaps Irish?) and I've taken the day off too.  Big plans, but Q has been ill since Friday so probably a visit to the doctor is in order.

6:30 AM Q awakes and asks if we can skip cuddle time and go directly downstairs to see if the leprechaun has come and left him anything.

Q discovers 6 dollars and the note below.  He tells me he thinks the writing looks like mine.  What?!  Are you saying my handwriting resembles that of a leprechaun?  Why I never....

Homage to Julie:  Broken Coffee Pot Photo: 

About 7:30 unable to really eat toast as Q cannot yet read and I am his reader.

Homage to Rachel: Hair drying photo (I will do a post of all the out takes - they are hysterical. at least to me.)

9:30ish Sit down to look at taxes.

10:00 AM Avoid looking at taxes by taking Q to a cafe.

11:15 AM Doctor's Visit - Find out Q has strep throat!!!

12:15 Decide to drop Q off at home instead of taking him with me to the grocery store.  Figuring infecting half the town at the local cafe is accomplishment enough.  Stop for moment to appreciate our first flowers of spring.

1:15 PM  Stopped at gas station that didn't have auto charge thingy on gas pump.  Decide I cannot go into gas station to pay.  Try in town grocery that is a little gross but may have cubed beef for stew.  It does not.  Drive to second gas station that happens to be next door favorite restaurant/ gourmet take out to see if by chance Jesse has made Irish Stew.  She has not.  Get turkey sandwich to eat in car on way to grocery store that is 7 miles away.  Luckily they have cubed beef.

Back home to start stew.

Earlier in the morning Q had looked through his cookbooks (he has about 4 kid cookbooks) and chosen a cupcake recipe that has shamrocks on the top.  We start to make the recipe and I realize that the recipe, which appears to be English, makes about enough batter for 6 mini cupcakes.  Leprechaun's we are not and so half way through the recipe I grab another book and start adding more ingredients (Barefoot Contessa's cupcake recipe: highly recommended!)  Q has decided instead of green and white cupcakes he will use all of the colors saying that they will be rainbow cupcakes in honor of the leprechaun.  He practices separating the eggs (we only lost one!) and separates the batter into four bowls and then has four colors to work with. This took more than an hour and was part art project, part science and of course part cooking. 

Please note:  Strep infected cupcakes were kept for our own consumption.

6:00ish - Dinner with the guys (something I do not get to do on work days.  Y is trying to be funny by doing the leprechaun dance to get Q to smile but Q is too annoyed having to wait longer to start digging into his stew.)

7:00ish Q comes running downstairs to show me his 6 year molars are coming in.  We are both really excited.  We jump up and down and I give him a big hug!  My baby is growing up!  For some reason it feels as important as the day I saw his very first tooth come in.

7:30  Last hurrah playing in bedroom before story time while Q does nebulizer for his asthma.

7:45 Start of story time - favorite time of day.  This photo is what I imagined reading stories would be like before I had Q.

These next photos are more what it is like; constant movement and commentary.

Don't you love the title of this book.  Q would not have cared if this were a book about advanced calculus - he was taking this out of the library and bringing it home.

Here wiggling front tooth that is very ,very loose!

8:30 PM - American Idol time.

10ish put away food brew last cup of tea.

Drink tea and check blogs.

I will spare you the shower and bed photos.

Thanks Evelyn for suggesting this.  I had wanted to do a day in photos with Q and got to it much more quickly than I might have if you had not asked us to do this.

Thanks to everyone that has already shared their day in photos it's a true joy to be able to see lives so well lived.  For those of you that do not post your family photos I would encourage you to do this for yourself (without posting of course.) As another blogger has said the exercise really does make you look at your day in a new light.


Julie said...

Kristine, why is it that even this (a post that does not contain as much writing as some of your others) still makes me cry with its beauty? Seriously. I am a blubbering mess. The dinner photo, with the sun streaming in as it sets, your husband doing something silly and your beautiful son nearly rolling his eyes at his antics....just stunning. Thank you for doing this.

I want everyone to do this! Everyone!

Tami said...

Thanks! So interesting and fun.

Evelyn said...

I'm so glad you did this, Kristine! I love Q! What a fun boy. Seeing him makes me want a boy to read silly books to. The pictures of story time and his expressions are so sweet! And I agree with Julie - you have a way with words and images. Loved it!

Rachel said...

Mmmm.... cupcakes:-)

-C said...

I love this. Your dinner table looks so cozy with the candles and wine and I am impressed that you can blow dry and take pictures at the same time. Q is adorable!


Janet said...

Hi Kristine,
Great post :-)
I love the expression on Q's face at the dinner table lol. And the inventive cupcakes :-)
And that bedtime story would have been like a magnet to Little Prince too lol.

Adoption Cubed said...

I am absolutely impressed with the hairdrying photo. Seriously. I keep looking at it thinking how amazingly coordinated you were to pull that off! Outtakes! I want to see the outtakes!

I especially love the photos of you and Q reading in bed. That is my favorite part of the day. And you're so right about the commentary. A short little book that you think will take only a few minutes is still being read 15 minutes later. Such sweet moments.

Anna said...

Love this post!
it looks like fun, maybe i will attempt....
i want to see the leprachaun dance!
is the dance in the out takes?!

courtney rose said...

I love the leprechaun dance...!