Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Are Six Years Old

and it's always been for these six and a half years just you and no one else but soon your life will change - and it's for the better - and still i know it's going to rock you and your world and because we get to make a request - we can request some things - we can ask for a child this age or that - we can say boy - or girl - or of course either because we can i'm left wondering if we should just because we can what right the longer i parent the more i know it's not about control it's about giving in and up and all i wonder though about you and your dad - your amazing one of a kind relationship that developed from all those hours together - i love watching you play catch or basket ball or ride bikes together - i love the way you make each other laugh - what would it be like to have a brother competing - would it be competing? I can't say that i know - and then there is that special bond that two brothers have - somehow i've seen myself as the mother of two boys - but then i see myself as the mother of more than two also - so... the choices - perhaps we shouldn't be allowed the choices - i don't know - but i'll be happy when we write the words on a paper and then we're done - finished with the thinking about making these God like decisions instead of just letting God make the decision


Christina said...

A few things:

Are you going to require readers to register with Wordpress in order to leave comments on the new blog? (hence the reason I'm commenting over here :) ).

Second, I would, of course, love to have the password for the new private posts.

Third, do you plan on offering an RSS feed for those using Google Reader and the like, or did I just miss it on the new page?

Oh, yes, fourth: I've very much enjoyed reading along with you, and am excited about the new direction your blog is heading! Can't wait to read more...


Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Kristine, thank you for visiting my blog. I will be back to read more. Best wishes. Beaux.