Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Graduating from Preschool

Precious Quinn,
Today you stepped onto a stage and received your preschool diploma. I couldn't be there so Daddy took a photo for me to see. That was very very hard for me and I know it was a little hard for you. I know you say I have told you a million times but I plan on telling you 101 million times, so here's a million and one, I LOVE YOU.

This is a picture of you and Jake a long time ago, but it doesn't seem like a long time ago it seems like yesterday morning I was driving you to day care and you were talking and talking and talking in the backseat. You were a delight. You are a delight. Even though sometimes I say the time is going by too fast, it is not. It is going by just right. I love the way you bring the world into our home in a way that is fresh and lovely and curious. I love the way you look at things from all sides - even underneath. I love that you dance everyday - my favorite is that fast feet dance you do that seems to be all the joy in your body just bubbling up and coming out. I love your hugs and your talks in the morning. I love going to the cafe's with you and sitting and watching the people. I love your questions "Mommy, is the sun light a liqued?" "What is spatula?" "Why does he want to hold her hat?"
I love your poetry and your singing rap songs that you make up. I love that you like stories that are long and have lots and lots of big words. I love that you love and love and love all over the place.

I love being your mom. And I LOVE YOU! That's one million and two.


-C said...

So sweet.


Katy said...

I know I'm a bit extra emotional about being on the verge of motherhood but this made me cry. So beautiful.