Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Report - Dragonfly's Tale

Retold and Illustrated by Kristina Rodanas, Clarion Books, NY 1991
Ages 5 and up (Please Note: In this story two children are left alone when the tribe forgets about them when they are sleeping. This is not recommended for children for all children in the preschool age.)

The retelling of a Native American (Zuni) Tale that is century's old. First translated by Frank Hamilton Cushing and published in The Millstone (Volumn 9, 1884) The author has changed it from the original.
Wonderful illustrations and a lovely story from the southwest about gratitude and kindness. I especially like this story as there are two children at the center of the story who show kindness to beggars when the adults do not and who are later repaid for their kindess in a magical way. The children are abandoned for a while by the tribe - so this may not be suitable for some children. However, the children are resourceful and the tribe comes back to find that the children have been abundantly blessed. The tribe changes it's ways. The tribe is considered very prosperous because they have plenty of food. Nice to be able to talk to children about prosperity then (enough food and warm shelter) compared with prosperity now (huge cars and over consumption.)

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