Friday, September 12, 2008

In my name

September 8, 2008. 2 children, 4 woman were killed by our missiles in a small village in Pakistan while we were looking for friends of Osama Bin Laden.

September 3, 2008. We killed 15 people in a Pakistan. This was the first time we have openly operated on Pakistan soil.

A Pakistand security official was quoted as saying "You can't keep on raising the intensity and missing out on targets and still expect to be respected as a big military power."

August 21st, We killed 90 children, women and men civilians in Afghanistan. We then lied about it. It turned out someone shot a video. We had to take back our lie. We are investigating ourselves.
My questions for myself. How many children is it OK to kill in our search for a murderer? Is it OK to drop a missile in the country side of New York, or Vermont, or New Hampshire if a known murderer lives there?
What happens to a soldiers heart when he discovers the people he has killed were civilians. How does this affect him when he get back home to his family?
I am beginning to ask myself these questions in order to hopefully have answers for my son as he get older. I do not feel it's fair or just to ask our troups to go into war, in our name, without asking ourselves if there is anything we could do to promote peace.
The Republican ticket is not showing any hope of getting out. What can I do?


Tami said...

Good question. What can we all do?

kristine said...

As for me the election centers completely on the mass killing our country is undertaking in these Arab countries. So I will not vote for McCain as he seems committed to staying in Iraq and he believes his own generation should not pay for it but rather our children should pay for it.

I am also not being silent. There is that often repeated story of the Jewish man being loaded on a train going to a death camp and all his non-jewish neighbors watching in silence. We are the neighbors, we must speak out.

After that I'm working very hard on peace education for the very young. I think it's the only hope.

Chatter said...

This hits hard for me. It is my first year voting and the two parties stance on war has become quite an issue for me. This can't go on any longer.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!