Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 feet in the air this August.  The choices family night at camp were; fishing, crafts, kick-ball or making your mother crazy by climbing to the top of a 30 foot wall.  Witness his choice. Granted he wasn't trying to make my heart stop he was just doing what he does.  He was going for the heights. I am in awe of his reach.  I wonder at his ability to overcome his fears.  "I was terrified!"  He told me.  But the next day he asked to go back up.   They had to call Y to ask if it was OK.  The preschoolers are not ordinarily allowed up the wall.  Family night was an exception and only a couple chose to climb the wall.  Of course, Y had to sign a release.  A release!  The next day they called back.  It was his last day at camp and Q had asked the wonderful director if he could have one more turn up the wall.  The director was kind enough to call us.  I can't keep him safe.  I can't hold him to me any longer and ask others "have you washed your hands?"  Gone are the days I check on him in his crib; is he too warm?  too cold?  all squished into the side of the crib?"  I'm brought to tears at times remember how sweet and how short those days were.  And yet I don't want those days back.  He's too extraordinary to stop or even slow down.  The world is waiting for him.

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten.  Again, he said he was scared.  He cried outside on the sidewalk.  But when the teacher said it was time to go in he took a little boys hand and walked quietly and with purpose forward without looking back. 

Keep on reaching baby boy.  I am in awe and it is such a pleasure watching you grow.


Anna said...

My daughter has always loved these climbing walls. At one point she even took a class and really enjoyed it.
I cant say shes not daring- or doesnt try new things....

Now shes asking for a dirt bike (with a motor!)

Anna said...

When you log onto blogger and see your dashboard, there should now be an option to get updated and be a "fan" of the blogs you like. This is very cool because you can see when people update their blogs! Go onto dashboard and scroll down and you should see it!

ps. You dont have to publish this comment. Actually you might recieve more comments if you took off word verification and just regulated your comments. Word verification is a pain in da butt :)

I can find time to get on the computer briefly but am having a harder time putting aside the time to actually write something origional on my blog :)

Tami said...

You have a BOY!!!!! They like to do all of that stuff so be prepared. He sounds like he is going to continue to take the world by storm and that is a good thing especially with a mother like you. good for him!