Sunday, October 14, 2012

us...two years ago

Two years ago today, the day started out with us, a family of three.  Two parents, one son.  By the end of the day we were four. Of course, it took months for papers to be signed and notarized, court systems to do their work and airlines to fly us to and finally fro.  However, this is the day we heard your name for the first time.  Saw your face for the first time.  This is the day you entered our hearts for the first time.  This (as you keep saying) is our day...

(I woke up at 6 a.m. to write this brief note and had five minutes to write before I was interrupted several times by waking children.  I am now writing with both children sitting next to me.  I'm thinking this won't be the most eloquent post...)

Since that day we have traveled twice to Ethiopia.  We have lived in five different homes (including my parent's house for two months) I've had three different full time jobs (not counting the business I attempted to start in-between jobs) and navigated two children through the day to day rigors of five different schools.

Would it have been better to have become a family of four staying in one town, in one home, with me staying home or at least keeping one job?  I have no answer.  It would have been different, for sure.  More comfortable, less stressful, less heartache, but better?  Not necessarily.  Life throws it's curve balls and as a family we've managed to keep in the game.  Through it all we've become more us.  Each time we moved you came with us.  That taught you more than any words could say.  Wherever we go, you go, because you are us.

So, yes, sometimes, we eat a meal in the car (especially if we are running to your first ball game at Wrigley field.) We don't always move gracefully through this life.  We argue and bicker and forget things but through it all we're together.  I love you sweet B more than I can ever say.  You are a sweet, loving, kind, empathetic, charming, funny and wise beyond your years spirit.  You have made my life better, more meaningful and happier since the very first moment that I heard your name, saw your face. I am blessed beyond measure.  Here's to our day sweet boy!  I'm so happy it's a Sunday and we are together!

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S said...

"Through it all we have become more us." I love that so much and your family. You have maneuvered these past two years (!!) in a way I continue to be in awe of. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday together!