Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Q turns ten

8:37 p.m. and not before.  I won't give up a single minute of nine years old, so you'll have to wait till 8:37 p.m. tomorrow night for my birthday card.  Don't rush me on this.  I've always said I want two days with you for every one that I get.  You have made my life extraordinary.  I wish I could make the world into all I want it to be for you.  Wish the coming  years were not going to be such a challenge.  Tonight we went to your parent teacher conference.  First time with this teacher.  First time in a new school.  "I have great news!"  Teachers love to talk about you.  "But first the bad."  Your teacher said.  She talked about the bullying incident and the words that were used against you.  Hateful words.  Words you hadn't told me.  After we were home I said to you, "You didn't tell me the words that the boy had used."  "Oh," you said, "There was so much to say.  I'm sorry.  I didn't realize I didn't tell you everything.  I'm sorry."  I told you that it wasn't a big deal but I wondered if he was scared to tell me.  "No, nothing like that.  It was just a big story and I didn't get it all out.  Mom, I don't ever want you to feel that I wouldn't tell you something.  I hope your feelings aren't hurt."  No, sweetheart, they are not. You are amazing.  You have become a big brother with more grace than I thought possible.  B adores you.  You are everything to him.  I hope this new year, is your best yet.  I think it will be.  Thank you for being such a beautiful positive soul.


S said...

What a magnificent boy he is. And I'm so sorry for all those hateful words said to him.

Meg said...

What a special boy. I hope all is well; I'd love to catch up sometime!

kn said...

Meg, we have to get together soon. It's another crazy weekend, but perhaps next weekend?