Monday, January 19, 2009

"One Day/Day One" Washington, January 20th, 2009

Y and my mom drove to Washington yesterday to be with the millions of others who simply could not stay away.  I am so happy and so proud of the two of them.  They do not have tickets to anything (although my mother tried her hardest to procure tickets to something - anything) but that did not deter them.  They simply had to be there on that hollowed ground.  

My mom and dad arrived from Chicago on Friday Afternoon and today, dad, Q and I went to the Natural History Museum in NYC.  My dad's first time there.  It was special as the three of us rarely get time together, but my mind was fixated on mom and Y.  What must it be like to be in Washington now?  

I am blessed to have these two in my lives.  These  souls for whom freedom and justice and equality mean so much that they must travel down together to stand in the cold just to feel the change in the air.  They are those people.  

Tomorrow I will leave home at 6:30 AM and not get home till about 8:00 PM.  I will try to do my best at my new job while I try not to worry too much about my dad getting Q through his day.  Poor little Q, crying off and on for his dad.  I will say many prayers throughout the day that mom and Y have the day of their dreams.

But more than all of these thoughts I will reflect in whatever free moments I have on all the lives lost in the struggle.  From Dr.King and Malcolm X to the many, many nameless to history (but not to their families) victims of hatred and bigotry.  I do hope there is a freedom land somewhere and I hope the inhabitants can see what my mom and Y will see.  If they can I doubt there will be tears of any kind.  There have been enough tears.  Tuesday is a day for rejoicing.

As the t-shirt says "One Day/ Day One..."


-C said...

Another lovely post. I can only imagine that Y and your mom felt the change in the air. The air was thick of it here in DC today. How awesome that they made the trip down here to witness this historical moment. I hope all goes well at home tomorrow, while you start your new job. Wishing you luck on your first day.


Adoption Cubed said...

I am so glad that Y and your mom went to Washington DC. What a momentous day after such a long time coming....

I hope your new job is going well.