Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alice Walker's An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Extraordinary as always. Alice Walker. Required reading. Period.




Evelyn said...

She has such grace and poignancy... thank you so much for this link. A must read, indeed!

Anna said...

Love Alice Walker, she is so wise...

C- said...

That is beautiful!


Adoption Cubed said...

Wow! That is all. Wow! That moved me deeply. Good words for all of us.

Have you read Rebecca Walker's autobiography, "Black, White, Jewish"? I read that while we waited for Samuel. It was a very moving book.

Tracey said...

Beautiful words. Thanks so much for sharing it.

haze said...

Hi Kristine,

Thank you for commenting on my blog tonight. I truly appreciate your caring and thoughtfulness.

And this link to Alice Walker's letter - I really enjoyed reading that.

Thanks again.
(p.s. You have a beautiful family)