Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer 08 - revised

This is my second post about our summer vacation in the midwest. The first was a long rant and on rereading it I decided it was not what I wanted to remember about our vacation. So I've replaced it with an image that I do want to remember about summer vacation - Q catching his first 'big' fish!

And therein lies the reason I love being a mom. The first post was basically a list of very adult type of complaints; airline delays, family squabbles, exhaustion, packing, etc. But when I look at our vacation through Q's eyes I remember fishing on the boat peers, cousins happy to see us, grandparents, swimming in the lake watching the tour boats come into port, a big hill of sand and a game of king of the hill, flying through the biggest clouds, music, wonderful junk food, sunny cabins, long walks along the shore with the wildflowers in bloom, yoyo's, marshmellows toasted over the firepit, ice cream stands on a road in the middle of a corn field, laughter, swinging in a hammock hugging my five year old while looking up through the tall, tall oak trees, visits with old friends and more, much more.

So thanks, Q, for your eyes and your sharing and your laugh. I remember now how much I love summer vacation.

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Anna said...

Well put, nature prevails...
What a handsome little guy!