Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother Q!

You and Jake again several years ago. See how thoughtful you are as you hold Jakes hand? What are you telling him? What is your just barely three year old self thinking as you walk in your Spiderman costume and little red jacket? Of course, at that time it wasn't a costume, for you wore that Spiderman suit almost every other day. Wore it so often we had a portrait of you painted in the red and blue costume so that we would never forget that magical time when you were a super hero almost every day.

You will be a wonderful big brother! Thoughtful, kind, full of empathy and love and much, much good humor! How we laugh! I cannot wait to share that laughter with our new little brother or sister. Oh, and of course, the tears, and spills and tantrums and walks and talks and stories. The dances and music and stickiness. The hugs, the kisses, the car rides and plane rides. The swimming. The questions. All of it. The breakfast table plans and dinner table reports. The parties. The sick days. The love.

You will be a wonderful big brother!


We belong to LULU said...

Your son is adorable. My daughter went through the same stage with the spiderman/batman/superman and recently given a flash outfit. It's so fun to see them grow- yet its so hard so see them grow so fast!

kn said...

Thanks. It is hard to see how quickly it goes! We had his portrait painted and I wanted a little blue sweater that he never wore. The artist, who knows him well said "I'm thinkin' Spiderman." It was the right thing. Now three years later we remember how it really was.